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Blog #1 — The Initiation #

Published by Andrew MacDonald 4 December 2019

It's been one month since the release of our debut EP, Anger Management. It seems suitable that we debut our next another project: the launch of our website along with our blog. This is where we'll be posting recording updates, upcoming events, reviews and more.

Around the time we released our EP, our drummer, Drew moved to New Brunswick. Needless to say recording and playing shows has been damn hard as of late. That said, we'll have some time at the attic studio soon enough, and we're going to work around any scheduling conflicts.


In the meantime, between writing new songs and jamming out as a two-piece, we've had a great review by Devin Joseph Meaney that you should check out. The article he wrote was featured in two zines:

We've also just put together a small interview with him, talking about the recording process, how we got our name, and some more to look forward to!

Physical CD copies

Physical CD Copies!

We've just started putting together the first batch of physical CD's for our EP. They're pretty modest but they do they job well. Simple is always better, right?

They'll be available to be ordered on this site as soon as they are ready. Send us an email if you want to be put on the advance list, though.

New Tunes

We already have 5 new tracks (and counting!) all ready to be recorded. A few weeks ago, I (Andrew) recorded a video of myself playing a new song I had written, titled Safe. It's going to sound very different once we work it into a song for the whole band, but I thought it would be interesting to show the song in the early stages of its life.

That's all for now folks. Thanks for tuning in to our first update, and be on the lookout for more updates in the very near future!